Sunday, 9 November 2014

I'm still working on my masterpiece

Aloha my lovlies!

Long time no see! Apologies for essentially dropping off the face of the earth for a good 3 weeks. I'm back now though so let's crack on!

Firstly I'm so obsessed with the current 60's revival trend - it's so unique and is definitely well deserving of it's comeback this A/W.

I'm not going to lie - when I first saw that turtle necks were back in fashion all I could think off was the bright orange jumper that Velma wore in Scooby Doo - anybody else? However I was willing to give it a shot.

I adore this pastel piece that I found in River Island when I was back at home for 'Reading Week' (Sidenote: Nobody actually reads in reading week). Pastel's are always a winner in my eyes and help to keep things looking very girly. Not only is the turtle neck totally on trend but it's also pretty practical at keeping your neck warm - perfect for helping to prevent you getting that pesky winter snivel! Admittedly this top comes rather small and was actually pretty cropped on my shape, however by adding my high waisted cream skirt I was able to create this cute yet sophisticated look. Not only does this solve the length problem but it's the perfect way of transitioning one of my favourite summer pieces into the chillier months.

One of this seasons must have staples is definitely the blanket wrap. They're such a great way to add layering to an outfit and are so easy to just chuck on and go. I decided to get this monochrome number as I felt it would be easy to style with most things - plus it's so different from anything else in my wardrobe! I feel that it helps to create a rather more relaxed/casual feel to the look and it's great to just cuddle up in!

To finish up I put on my pastel blue frilly socks (which you can't actually see) and beautiful chunky chelsea boots as I feel that they complimented the outfit nicely.As you can see I made an attempt at the low ponytail to try and replicate the 60's style and failed miserably. I will try harder next time! I actually wore this look when I went to see 'Gypsy' at the Chichester Festival Theatre on Thursday (Which by the way was absolutely incredible) - as I feel it's ideal for smart/casual events.

How do you feel about turtle necks? Are you ready to embrace them or do they make you recoil back into your shell (I tried to make a joke)
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