My name is Laura and welcome to NotSoPlainJayne9595. This blog began all the way back in August 2014 with a bleached blonde weirdo that enjoyed clothes. Thankfully the bleached blonde is gone (It wasn't a good look, trust me) but my love of fashion is still going strong.

Here's a few things you probably need to know about me;

 1.There will always be a Musical Theatre soundtrack on in my car & I will be belting it at the top of my lungs.

2. I happen to be obsessed with pretty much anything Disney and my dream in life is to become The Little Mermaid.

3. If you don't like cats I'm not sure we can be friends.

4.  I have just completed a degree in Music & Musical Theatre at the University of Chichester & am now trying to figure out how to adult.

Thanks ever so much for even the having the quickest glimpse at my blog - I really appreciate it! 
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