Sunday, 31 August 2014

I wish, more than anything

Cream Scrunchie - New Look
Grey Sweater - River Island
Black Leggings - Select
Frilly Socks - Topshop
Cream Lace Pumps - Select

Aloha everyone!

So todays outfit is all about being cosy and comfortable as well as incorporating some of this seasons biggest fashion trends.

Let's start off with the Scrunchie. These fabulous little things were a massive part of my childhood and it gives me great pleasure to be able to wear them again! Scrunchies were iconic of the 1980's and 1990's, everyone from SJP to Madonna was seen rocking them. Not only do they look super adorable but they're much less damaging for your hair - as they aren't as tight so your hair is less prone to breakage. I wore mine in a half up - half down style, a popular choice of style back in the 80's. It's fab if you have a lot of hair like me and want to show off the length of your locks whilst keeping it all from falling in your face 24/7.

Now comes the sweater. As soon as I spotted this gem in River Island I knew I had to get it. This piece comes pretty oversized - I got it in a S/M and there's still plenty of room in it. I especially love the cut off hem at the bottom of the sweater - as it gives an edged DIY vibe. The inside of the jumper is super soft and makes you feel really cosy - plus it's really lightweight so it's easy to pack in your bag if you want to keep an extra layer handy! The dash of pink across the centre creates a lovely colour pop in an otherwise very muted piece. It also provides a lovely girly contrast with the boxy boyish structure of the sweater - a touch that I personally adore. I decided to co ordinate this with a pair of my favourite frilly socks from Topshop in a dusky pink colour.

I paired this with a simple pair of black leggings, which I believe no wardrobe is complete without, providing they're not see-through - not everybody wants to see your underwear! I like these ones from select as they're a really comfortable fit and really inexpensive.

Lastly I have to say these are the most comfortable shoes I own. Generally I seem to lean more towards style before comfort - a huge mistake really, but I nee-dent worry with this pair of pumps. I had been mourning the loss of my platform creepers for a while and had a huge gap in my shoe collection to fill. Platforms are my absolute favourites - as being on the short size I can do with all the height I can get! The sole of the shoes are really springy and provide ultimate comfort all day. Needless to say I think they're exactly what my poor feet need when they're put through so much abuse!

How are you feeling about the return of the scrunchie? Love or loathe it? Let me know in the comments!



  1. I neeeed that jumper haha it looks so cozy! Nice post, well done hun. I like your blog :) X

    1. Ahaha it's well worth the investment! Awh thankyou so much :D xx