Tuesday, 2 September 2014

You got me feeling brand new

Girl Tee - Topshop
Red Velvet Skirt - Primark
Leather Jacket - Topshop
Black Tights - Primark
Black Platforms - River Island

Today's post is little more on the grungy side for me, shocker!

Let's start off with the oversized GIRL tee I got from Topshop. I find this to be a really versatile piece - as it comes pretty large it can be worn with a pair of simple black leggings  for a casual boyfriend vibe, or it can be tucked in to something high waisted as I have opted to do. The structure of the top really reminds me of the kind of things I see my mum wearing in old photos and I bloody love it. I adore the black PVC detailing in the upper chest area. I think it really helps to add to the whole grungy look and is something completely different from anything else in my wardrobe.

One of the reasons I love this outfit so much is the amount of different textures it contains, everything from cotton to crushed velvet, I just can't get enough of it! This skirt was such a bargain for the quality, I got it last winter and it's been a firm favourite of mine ever since. The high waisted skater style is really flattering on my wide hips and although it's pretty short I feel that it makes my legs appear thinner. With Autumn just around the corner I felt that the beautiful deep red is perfect for this time of year.

Everywhere I go cleated soles seem to be the big thing in A/W shoes, I picked up this pair on sale in River Island for the price of just £20! I'm still in two minds as to weather I'm going to keep them as I find them pretty uncomfortable width wise on my feet but I love the way that they look! The best thing about cleated soles is that they provide extra grip, meaning you can walk along on those icy days and be saved the embarrassment of slipping over. Genius if you ask me!

Now if you ask me a good quality leather jacket is a core essential in anyone's closet - They're perfect for those times when you want to keep out a chill but not lug around a huge coat. Plus I think they can make any outfit look a that bit more sophisticated. I understand that the price tag that comes with pieces like this can put anyone off, but I really feel that they're well worth the investment, as long as you know you'e going to wear it!

Is this style more up your street? Let me know your Autumn staples!

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