Sunday, 7 September 2014

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Shirt - New Look
Skirt - Topshop
Shoes - New Look
Necklace - Topshop

Hello my lovlies!

First off apologies it's been so long since my last post - I've been moving into my new student house in Chichester ready to start my second year of University. (Hence the snazzy new background)

Now onto the outfit. In all honestly it happened completely by surprise. I had been getting pretty bored of wearing the same outfits week after week & just wanted to try something different but had no money to afford new clothes. If I'm honest I'm actually a massive cheap skate. I rarely pay full price for anything, and this outfit is no exception.

Since the full circle midi skirt came back into fashion over summer I was totally obsessed and just knew I had to buy one. I originally saw this skirt  in Topshop right at the start of the season and instantly fell in love. Unfortunately at £45 I couldn't justify the purchase and left it. Later when the Topshop sale began I instantly ran for the rails and to my delight there it was, waiting for me to purchase., and at a bargain of just £20. I honestly don't think I've ever felt so much joy when making a purchase as I did with this. Needless to say it's definitely one of my favourite pieces and I literally wear it to death.

This shirt was also a complete steal. At just £7 I just couldn't say no. I was really drawn to the floral detailing and I liked that it was cotton rather than chiffon.Generally I'm not really a shirt kind of girl as I always have trouble getting it to fit in a certain area unless I get a size 20, which then makes me look massive. However this one fits like a dream and is super comfortable. I decided to match the skirt with the subtle hint of blue in the shirt to tie it all together.

Can we all just stop for a second and appreciate how amazing my necklace is. I mean's beautiful. I actually first saw this when the goddess that is Leah Mcfall wore it on 'The Voice UK' last year. The next day I was straight in my local Topshop scouring the jewellry section for it and pretty much snatched it up as soon I as I saw it. I always get asked what the L's mean & generally I leave it to their own interpretation...I've had some pretty weird suggestions. Now it definitely wasn't the cheapest piece of jewellry I've ever bought, never the less I knew that it was going to be a staple piece in my collection & feel it was well worth the investment.

I completed the look with my classic camel flats as I think that the compliment the rest of the outfit nicely.

I love the 1940's house wife feel of this outfit and the addition of the statement necklace really helps to modernise the look as a whole. There's just something about the classic skirt & shirt look that I just can't get enough of. Not only is it timeless but I think it makes me look more mature ( in a good way). I've actually worn this outfit on several occasions recently, including a picnic in the park and a reunion brunch. Both of which I feel it was perfect for.

So what do you think the L's stand for? Leave you suggestion below!


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