Sunday, 19 October 2014

Do you want to see the girl who lives behind the aura?

Shirt - Primark // Velvet Dungaree skirt - ARK // Frilly socks - Primark // Chelsea Boots - New Look // Necklace - New Look

Aloha my lovlies!

Today I've mixed two of my favourite things in life - The skirt & shirt combo, and dungarees.

On Wednesday I drove back the 202 miles from Chichester to my home in Nottingham. Then I took another hour train ride to Birmingham. The reason? I went to see my queen, Lady Gaga. *Insert massive rave about her amazingness here* When we arrived there was a brilliant array of styling going on, some simply wore a Tee with her name on, others made their bodies a complete homage to Gaga, dressed in head to toe poker face costume. 

As soon as I spotted the shirt stuffed at the back of one of the rails in Primark I just knew I had to get it. Before I was never really a shirt person - I always found them to be very unflattering on my shape, however this one totally changed my mind! Not only is it lovely and lightweight, but the style of it makes it so easy to dress up or down. I really enjoy the base colour of this shirt - it's a sort of blue toned pale grey - plus it's not too sheer, meaning you don't have to worry about the world being able to see everything! I also think the floral detailing is really unique and helps to add a very feminine touch to such a boyish structure.

Next I put on this adorable overall set. It's made of a crushed velvet texture and honestly feels so nice! I really do love some of the things I get from ARK, they're so different from anything else on the high street. On the down side this does come extremely short - safety shorts are a must! Unless  you're extremely brave I'd recommend you wear black tights with this too. Never the less this is still a key item in my wardrobe and is one of my go-to pieces for nights out!

Since the weather has taken a turn for the worst in recent weeks I decided to whip out my much loved Chelsea boots. They were huge in the world of fashion last year and have returned this year for another round! Honestly I think they're timeless and the perfect accompaniment to any winter outfit. Not only do they help had add a twist of grunge to my girly style but they're waterproof too - meaning no soggy socks for me! 

Lastly I chucked on a cute ornate necklace I bought a couple of weeks ago in a mad rush to find an outfit for my job interview. I think it's a lovely little thing but I don't really rate New Look's jewelry. After one wear already one of the 'gem's has come off, of course you will get what you pay for - I'd just expect it to last a bit longer than a day.

However all worries were forgotten as soon as the show began. From start to finish I felt like any second I would burst with tears of joy. Honestly it was the best concert I've ever been to. Lady Gaga really is a true performer and 1000% in it for the music. Plus her voice is just phenomenal. 

Are you as loony abut Lady G as me? Let me know!
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