Sunday, 28 June 2015

OUTFIT: Amen Fashion

 Lace Up Top - Topshop // Cream Skirt - Primark (old) // Kimono - River Island (old) // Open Toe Boots - Topshop // Bum Bag - River Island // Hat - H&M 

 Aloha my lovelies!

It's no big secret that Glastonbury is the hottest festival of the year and now that we're into the thick of this seasons biggest events I thought I'd pay a little homage to this classic look. Honestly I've never seen the appeal of festivals. Not washing for days on end whilst being covered in mud is definitely not my idea of fun, however I'll admit that this year I've been itching to experience the festival vibes. Who knows, maybe next year I'll finally take the plunge?

I don't even know where to start with this outfit. I simple adore it. Everything from the lace up top to the fringed zips on the bum bag screams festival. Usually I'm not big on wearing black but I've found that accessorizing with it can actually be fun. Creating this look has really widened my eyes to a whole new style that I'd never really considered before.

 Kimono's are such a staple part of a typical festival get up and I totally see why. They're light and airy and such a nice way of layering for the hot weather. This one from River Island is so beautiful. It's the perfect addition to this outfit because there's so many intricate details in the pattern and pretty much every colour under the sun, meaning it's so easy to match with pretty much anything!

I am actually obsessed with these shoes. I spied them in Topshop last week whilst I was in town looking for some bits and pieces for my Holiday and I have legit worn them everyday since. They're ridiculously comfortable which makes them practical for everyday wear. The open ankle strap back and peep toe make a great statement for Summer and seriously remind me of one of my style icons Sammi from BeautyCrush.  Of course I added my much loved hat to protect my head from the sun, although I'm sure in an actual festival it would be yanked off my head within a few minutes! Ah the things we do for fashion.

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