Sunday, 8 March 2015

Wear out your vision

Top - Topshop // Flared Trousers - New Look // Ballet Pumps - New Look (old) // Necklace - Republic (Old) // Hat - H&M //

Aloha my lovlies!

As many of you are probably already aware the 70's are back in full force, and I intend to embrace it with open arms! It seems that at last we're starting to get the first glimpse of the sun and with that comes Spring. Of course this naturally implements the need for new clothes. At least I like to tell myself that. I actually had this pair of stunning flares on an upcoming wishlist after spying them online, when low and behold there was one sole pair left on the coat hanger in store in my size. I believe it was fate.The material is ridiculously soft and lightweight, making them the perfect staple piece for the season ahead. I particularly like the shape of these flares, they're pretty much a wide leg all the way down which is great for maneuverability. The pattern is simply gorgeous , it's so unique and really quirky making them a welcoming new addition to my wardrobe. I decided to pair them with a simple high neck black top and let the trousers do the talking as not to distract from the bold print. This look couldn't have been complete without my wide brimmed hat. If you want to go full out 70's then you could swap the pumps for a pair of platform chelsea boots and add a denim jacket for layering.

Recently I've noticed a big shift in my style, as I seem to be drawn more to the trousers + heels combo rather than my usual cutesie dresses or skirts! I don't know when this occurred nor why, but I definitely like it. I think it's the perfect way of making a very casual everyday look just that little bit more glam. Secretly I'm trying to tell myself that I can achieve that off duty model look that most would kill for. A girl can dream eh?

Are you a fan of the flares? 
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