Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Style Resolutions 2015

Aloha my lovlies!

I'm aware that we're well over a month into the new year but I couldn't help hopping on the bandwagon. I'd seen quite a few bloggers doing posts like this and it really made me reflect on how my personal style has developed and a few changes I'd like to make this year! Too often I find myself in a styling rut and just going back to the same outfits again and again. My goal for this year is to create a more versatile wardrobe, and here's how I plan on doing it.

01. Go back to basics.
Recently whenever I look through my wardrobe I see so many wonderful patterns and prints but have realized I have nothing to match them with. This year I intend on investing on some good quality basic's, you know, Plain tees, Jeans, Jumpers. That sort of thing. They really are essential for everyone and provide an instantly stylish go-to outfit.

02. Buy more black.
Now I am pretty much a disgrace to fashion for being one of the only people who needs more black clothing. The trouble is that I'm always so drawn to interesting and unique colours as generally I see black as being pretty bog standard boring. However recently I've come to realise how classic and chic black can be. First on the list is some black skinny jeans with those knee rips.

03. Be more daring.
This isn't to say that I think my style is particularly mundane or dull, just that sometimes I like to play it safe and end up buying two or three pieces that are pretty similar. For the next year I'd like to take a few risks and try something new. 

04. JEANS.
As you will have seen in Sundays outfit post (click here if you missed it) my wardrobe is majorly lacking in jeans. This year I'm on a quest to find the perfect pair and am determined to succeed. I'd love to experiment with different cuts and fits as they really are such a staple piece in anybody's collection!

05. Invest in evening wear.
I defy the huge student stereotype of going out every night. Due to being a busy bee with my Uni course I rarely get the chance to head to the SU bar. When the opportunity does arise I realise I'm left with a measly handful of clothes I've worn over & over again. When out shopping I pretty much completely bypass the more 'dressy' items and refuse to splurge on things I won't get much wear out of in favour of everyday clothing. My intention is to build up a few more key pieces over the next year to ensure a last minute night out won't result in an outfit induced breakdown! 

So there we have it, my style resolutions for the year 2015. Have you made any? Let me know! 
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