Sunday, 8 February 2015

Out of my dreams

Crop Top - Topshop // Joni Jeans - Topshop // Leather Jacket - Topshop // Tartan Scarf - River Island // Caterpillar Boots - Depop //

Aloha my Lovlies!

Now today you're experiencing something very rare in the world of NotSoPlainJayne. A prospect so daunting I've put off from posting for a while..but here goes. I am in fact wearing jeans. *Don't hate me for the unnecessary build up*. **also ignore my horrible roots**. In all seriousness though, this is a break through moment for me. Jeans are something of a rarity for me, actually these are the only pair I own. I don't know why but I really seem to struggle to get jeans to fit nicely which upsets me greatly. Fortunately I feel like these are the closest I've got to a decent looking pair so voila, there you go. They're so soft and stretchy and feel rather more like I'm wearing leggings which is a massive bonus! 

I realized as I was listing the items I'm wearing that it is practically head to toe Topshop...oops. I feel that jeans are such a casual piece so I paired them with my very well loved grey crop top and my wonderful leather jacket. I especially like the detachable fur collar on this as I feel it gives the outfit the extra wintery feeling.

Scarves are becoming a regular necessity in my everyday wardrobe and I feel a slight obsession forming. I'd been on the hunt for the perfect tartan scarf for weeks and finally I found it in the form of this beauty from River Island. The material is literally so soft and I adore the bold yellow stripes that run through the pattern. The length is perfect for hiding my exposed mid rift and is makes a wonderful statement in contrast with the rest of the outfit. If only it were a little chunkier then it would score 100. Finally for extra chill points *are they a thing?* I'm wearing my Caterpillar boots once again.

As you're reading this I'm currently at a last minute photo shoot in London with one of my gals. *how fancy* In all honesty I've panic packed most of my wardrobe so we'll have to wait and see what occurs!

Are you a Jeans sort of person? Let me know! 
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