Sunday, 15 February 2015

I'm so starstruck


Floral Crown - Rock 'n' Rose// Green Dress - New Look // Globe Necklace (old) - Republic // Knee high boots - Topshop// 

Aloha my lovlies!

Last weekend I got offered a very exciting opportunity - a chance to do a photo shoot in London! Of course I couldn't say no, so off to London I went. The place in question was called 'Studio 52 London' and honestly it was the stuff dreams are made off. All the staff were wonderfully accommodating and really helped make my experience one to remember! It was so nice having my hair and makeup done for me for a change. I so wish I had the capacity to learn how to curl my own hair....

I know that generally people would usually associate floral crowns with festivals and what not but I always love to break a fashion stereotype. In my experience this piece has been a crowd divider, some love it, others ask why I've got a bouquet of roses strapped to my forehead. Each to their own. Personally I adore it and feel that it's totally wearable for winter with it being this beautiful, deep pinky/purple colour. I've honestly spent the last few minutes trying to think of the word to describe it an that was the best I could do. I picked it up at a reduced price from a blogger on Depop, since originally it was meant to be £29. The quality is second to none and it really is a beautiful statement piece for those of you who are feeling brave!

This dress is one of my favourite things I own. It's such a flattering cut and cinches in at the waist wonderfully. Deep forest green is a colour I particularly like in clothing as I feel it really compliments my skintone.  I'd usually throw on my black and grey blanket wrap which I decided not to wear for the photos but you can see it in another one of my outfit posts here. Since the floral crown is such a showstopper I decided to play it safe on the jewellry front and just wore my little globe necklace. I finished off with my Topshop Knee highs - still well worth the investment! 

Stay tuned for more photos from my shoot! Are you a fan of the floral crown? 
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