Monday, 11 May 2015

OUTFIT: Summer Ball Style



 Dress - Oh My Love London // Heels - New Look // Bag - New Look // MAC Russian Red Lipstick // Eyelure 107 False Lashes // 
 Aloha my lovelies!

I've mentioned before that it's very rare that I get to go out much sine my course is so hectic, however on Friday we had our University's 'Summer Ball'. It's definitely the social event of the year and most people spend a good couple of months planning their outfits. Last year the Summer Ball actually fell on my birthday, however I was so unorganised that I ended purchasing my dress on the day whilst frantically running around town trying to put the entire outfit together! This year I wanted to make sure I was 100% prepared, since I was going to be preoccupied with my singing, dance & acting assessments all week.  If you follow me on Pinterest then you will have seen the endless amount of dresses/jumpsuits/playsuits etc. that I had on there. At one point there was over 50 different pieces! Slowly but surely I managed to whittle it down and ordered a couple of items. When it came to deciding what to wear I knew I wanted to go for a completely different look from last year. Summer Ball 2014 was all about the cute girly feel. This time I wanted to go for something classy and mature looking (not at all cheese like though).

I've always been on the chubby side so body con's have never been an option, however, this was the first time I've ever had the confidence to take the plunge and try one and by some miracle it didn't look half bad! I think the slight pleat across the stomach was what sold it for me, since it wasn't skin tight stretchy fabric that clings to every little lump and bump. The fit really was so flattering on my shape. The only minor problem was that the plunge neckline didn't quite accommodate for my large bust however this was easily solved when an emergency safety pin came to the rescue. I know that white is definitely not the safest option when surrounded by 2,000 drunk students with drinks in their hands but I was so drawn to this piece I just couldn't resist! Thankfully no drinks were spilled, the only marks were of my own doing when I somehow managed to get lipstick on it! I adore the intricate lace detailing on the back - it's so elegant and helps to make the piece stand out from the crowd.

Accessory wise I didn't quite know what I was going for until I entered New Look and there they were, sitting on the display, the perfect pieces to go with my dress. I swear that they had been put there on purpose just so that I was buy them. Pastel blue hadn't really ever crossed my mind so I was over the moon to find both shoes and bag in the same place! This little over the shoulder bag was the perfect size to take everything I needed with me Due to the halterneck style of the dress there was no need for a necklace, and the only rings I own are silver. Therefore I decided to go all out by adding a good old slick of MAC's Russian Red Lipstick.

So there we have it, my Summer Ball Style 2015! All I can say is roll on next year.
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