Sunday, 4 January 2015

Trying something new



Oversized Cardigan - Topshop//Green Cropped Top - Topshop// Paisley print trousers - New Look// Caterpillar Boots - InTheFrow// Necklace - New Look (Old)// Scarf - Primark (old) // Fur Headband - Nottingham Christmas Market

Aloha my lovlies!

Happy New Year! As I said in my New Year's Resolutions post (which you can read here) I can't believe it's 2015 already. In all honesty I'm actually gutted that Christmas is over, I miss the decorations and our tree is waiting sadly in our front room to meet it's fate of being shredded into pieces. I really was spoilt this year & I can't express how grateful I am to everybody for buying me such wonderful gifts. This includes my very own tripod, Hallelujah! I can finally say goodbye to the days of stacking up a mountain of books with my camera precariously perched on top. Please excuse the various camera angles you will be getting in the next couple of posts, it's going to take some getting used to! Since Christmas I've been sales shopping at least 3 times and spent the majority of my money on full price items....oops.

Being a lady of curve I've never really been able to pull of the oversized look, as generally it tends to make me look 5x bigger than I am. That is until I found this beautiful cardigan in Topshop. Now don't get me wrong, at £48 this is definitely an investment piece in my eyes. It is made of cashmere though and you can really tell. Despite the fact I'm only wearing a cropped top underneath it's kept me nice and toasty warm even in the atrocious weather we've been getting these last few days. It's big enough to have heaps of material left to cuddle up in, it's also great to make any outfit cosy and comfortable. I especially adore the deep maroon colour as it's perfect for this time of year.

As previously mentioned, the weathers been less than kind recently so it's been imperative to keep warm, therefore hats & scarves have been essential. I got my fur headband from the Nottingham Christmas market last year and it really has been a lifesaver! It's been perfect for keeping my ears nice and warm without my entire head getting too hot, not to mention it's great for hiding dirty hair! I got the scarf in Primark last year and it's been so useful - it's really nice and chunky. not to mention super warm - so much so that I had to take it off whilst taking these photos! the colours are almost an exact match for both my cardigan and the green in my trousers, making it it perfect accessory for this outfit.

A couple of weeks back I was browsing through my Depop and noticed that the wonderful blogging sensation Victoria of InTheFrow was selling a pair of brand new Caterpillar boots for less than half the RRP. I spent many hours deliberating before finally taking the plunge and purchasing them. They arrived within days & I honestly haven't stopped wearing them since! I apologise profusely for the state of them in the photographs above, I had no idea they had become so ditched! They really have been my go-to footwear for the past month or so, as they're perfect for the winter weather. The fit is excellent for my short wide feet and I even have enough room to wear a pair of thick fluffy socks underneath!

Have you already spent up or are you a saver? Also, thoughts on the new photo style? Let me know!
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