Sunday, 18 January 2015

I'm being pulled in a new direction


Blazer - New Look // Black Top - Select // Tartan Trousers - Primark // Black Brogues - Clarks // Necklace - Topshop // Sunglasses - River Island// 
Aloha my lovlies!

Today I've gone a little bit out of my comfort zone styling wise. Honestly this outfit came together very spur of the moment. During the week I decided it was a good time to clear out my wardrobe. I totally forgot I picked up these Tartan trousers in Primark last year. In a debate as to weather I would keep them or not I challenged myself to create a look which incorperated them and this was the result!

In truth I absolutely adore blazers and really want to try and introduce them more into my everyday wear. I love how chic and sophisticated they can make an outfit look. This one is super soft and maneuverable whilst being effortlessly classy. It's unusual for me to wear so much black, and given the choice I probably would have worn a different top, however with the pattern of the trousers stealing all the attention I thought it best to go plain on top and play up the accessories.

All over the Christmas period I've been scouring the shops for a pair of decent sunglasses, as just because it's Winter doesn't mean it's not sunny! At long last I found this gorgeous pair in River Island. I'm pretty sure they're meant to be part of the their new season S/S collection but yanoe, yolo.I don't know what it is about wearing sunglasses that just gives me this weird sense of confidence, Hence the smug look in the photos. Maybe that's why the celebs are always wearing them! I adore the shape of these ones and think they look to perfect with this outfit. There was no way this look would be been complete without a pair of brogues. It's nice to swap out the chunky boots for something a bit more delicate every now and again and these are just the ticket! I really feel they add that little bit of practicality whilst still maintaining a very professional look.

How do you feel about everyday blazers? Let me know!
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