Sunday, 19 April 2015

OUTFIT: I'm not afraid of anything


FROW Tee - ARK // Knee Rip Joni Jeans - Topshop // CAT Boots - Depop // Cardigan - Topshop // Scarf - Topshop // Coat - ARK // Tapestry Cat Bag - Christmas Present// Sunglasses - River Island//

 Aloha my lovelies!

Today we're having a breakthrough on NotSoPlainJayne....I ventured outdoors. *Soz about the anti climax there*. So despite what you see I am actually quite an outdoorsy kind of girl. During the Easter holidays I took the opportunity to go on as many walks as I possibly could whilst I was at home with my family. I finally bit the bullet & decided that I could make my first attempt at having my photos taken by somebody else in public. My god was it awkward! I literally dumped my sister with my camera and asked her to take them as quickly as possible once I'd checked that there wasn't anybody watching. I admire all those bloggers who can quite confidently have their photographs taken on the street!

On to the outfit! We were lucky to get such gorgeous blue skies, however it was still deceptively cold outside. Layering was definitely key in the look. The base of the outfit is pretty monochrome - consisting of my much loved FROW tee & of course, my black Joni jeans. You may recognize that I do in fact already own this jumper in burgundy. Well to tell the truth I loved it that much that I just have to buy it in the grey too! I did spend quite a fair amount of time deliberating weather it was worth purchasing. The answer to that is a resounding heck yes. Since buying it I've literally worn it none stop. Grey is such a great neutral colour and pretty much goes with anything & everything.

I'm so gutted that I forgot to get a close up of my bag. No doubt you'll see it crop up in some future OOTD's. Since I received it from my Aunt & Uncle for Christmas it's been my go to everyday bag. 
Anyone who knows me will be able to tell you that I am literally the biggest crazy cat lady you'll ever meet. I'm being deadly serious. I could talk for days about why this bag is so fantastic. I was delighted to see that the colours were spot on for matching with my outfit. I'm planning on doing a 'What's in my bag' post soon though so I'll save all those details for then!

You aren't ready for a walk until the CAT boots are out. Since their primary function is for walking/hiking they were the obvious choice. Camel is going to be huge this season & adds a nice splash of colour to an otherwise very black and white canvas. In true NotSoPlainJayne style I had to add in my signature splash of pink. This coat has served me so well in the weeks since I've bought it. I came to the realization that I didn't own any 'light' coloured scarves. So naturally I had to invest in the beaut from Topshop. Retailing at £18 it was a pretty big splurge for something you wear around your neck. I regret nothing. For the money you actually get so much material that it could easily double up as a cape/picnic blanket. It really is that big. Not to mention the quality is on point. I feel like it really ties the whole outfit together nicely.

Are you a secret outdoorsy person? 
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