Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Back to Reality.

Aloha my lovelies!

Welcome to the all new partially new NotSoPlainJayne! Whilst it's been an embarrassingly long time since my last post I'm finally back. And what better way to celebrate than a bit of a design makeover? I'm planning on a layout change sometime in the near future too so keep an eye out of that. Also here's a completely unrelated photo of flowers. You're welcome.

Since my last post way back in October a lot of stuff has probably changed. The biggest thing being that I have finished my degree. It honestly hasn't sunk in yet. Even typing it feels weird. However now I'm stuck in this weird state of non student/ non adult confusion since my Graduation ceremony isn't until the end of October. The idea of actually having to face being a proper adult is way more scary than I ever thought it would be.

What does this mean for Not So Plain Jayne? Well, hopefully it means that my posts will start to be slightly more regular than 8 months. I've got loads of posts all written up and ready to go. It's just the task of taking the photos that proves rather difficult - aka. I am unorganized. Nothing new there though right?

In summary, I got a cool new header and I am back blogging for the foreseeable future. Yay.
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Saturday, 17 October 2015

A Little Update

Aloha my lovlies!

Who is this you might ask? Well as I hang my head in shame I'm just checking in to say that am in fact still alive, despite seemingly dropping off the face of the earth for almost 2 months. I'm not going to bore you by making excuses as to why I've been away so long. I guess I just really suck at time management.  Please don't think I've forgotten about NotSoPlainJayne. I assure you I've been itching to get back into blogging for weeks now. The problem is that I always want to be able to supply you with the best quality content possible, from photography to the written words. Being such a perfectionist has it's downfalls you know.

So where do I start? I've just begun my third year of my undergraduate degree which is daunting enough by itself. If you didn't know I'm a Musical Theatre student at Chichester Univeristy. Despite the huge stigma that performance degree's aren't a proper degree my course is anything but 'easy' (Don't even get me started. Such rage) I would like to see most people on so called 'proper' degrees manage the physical and emotional stresses of doing several dance classes a day as well as singing lessons, not to mention all the of behind the scenes effort including rehearsing, hours of research and remembering to breathe every now and again. Oh and in addition to all that try learning 21 different parts for the same show. (Seriously I told you not to get me started...this is what happens #stageyandproud)

Way back in August my blog celebrated it's first blogiversary & I honestly can't believe that it's been over an entire year already.It's been a huge year for first's, I tried my dab hand at some beauty focused blogging as well a couple of reviews and the odd advice piece. Looking back at some of my first posts I have to admit I cringe a little. The dodgy photography & overly processed edits are too much for me to handle, not to mention my writing style made me sound like an absolute loon. My style has changed so much since the beginning & I love the direction that my blog is heading in. It's crazy to think how nervous I was as I was designing my first layout & to say I look mortified in my photos would be an understatement. It sounds so silly but having my blog has really opened my eyes to a whole host of career paths that I'd never considered before. Fashion is still a huge part of my life and continues to dominate my brain ( much to the disgruntlement of my poor bank account). I've got so many ideas for up coming projects and really can't wait to get stuck in. Having a blog is like having a a public style diary. I love the fact that I can scroll back and see what I was wearing this time last year and compare it with my sense of style now.

WARNING: Here comes the soppy bit. One year on and 20,000 views later I never could have imagined what a positive response I would get. Obviously without you lovely folks then I probably wouldn't have even bothered to continue with this whole thing, so this is me saying a massive thank you to anyone who has ever read my blog. Weather that be as a one off when you got seriously bored or every post without fail. I really am so grateful for all your support over the last year & I promise I'll continue to make NotSoPlainJayne the best it can be.I think what I have to remember is the reason I started my blog in the first place. For fun. I'ts not like I'm being paid to do it ( although any offers would be lovely). Essentially It's just my way of sharing what I love. Yes, there are still many things I want to improve on ( Blog photography, Sticking to upload dates, stop using so many exclamation marks etc.) But my blog has already been through a whirlwind transformation over the last 14 months and here's hoping that the next year will bring bigger and better things!

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